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Carol Rowlands drawing a dog's faceCarol was a talented artist - one of those gifted people who seem to take to almost any medium instinctively. She never claimed to be an expert in reproducing faces or the human form, but eventually found her niche in producing pencil portraits of animals.

Working from photographs, she used line and shading to create vivid and detailed pictures that almost always succeeded in capturing the spirit and personality of the animal, even if she had never met it in the flesh.

Gradually this gift transformed itself into a business sideline, in which Carol undertook to produce pencil drawings of people's pets for a small payment. Over the years she produced dozens of drawings – though they invariably took her much longer than the time she was paid for, and she didn't always even charge.

In support of the venture, her brother Peter created a website called Impetuous Portraits, which Carol saw as a showcase and an opportunity to convey to potential new customers what she could do. We've re-established the portrait gallery from the site on this page.


Labrador drawing by Carol Rowlands Lurcher drawing by Carol Rowlands













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