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DVD format

The DVD is a standard dual-layer disk, and should play in most DVD players and computers supplied in the last ten years. It is recorded in UK PAL format. We cannot at the moment supply any other formats.


CD format

The CD should play in most CD players and computers supplied in recent years, but please note that it has been reproduced using short-run duplication techniques, not pressed, and may not play in older equpiment.



We would describe the DVD as "good quality", but do bear in mind that it was not filmed professionally, and there is some variation in colour. The sound quality is professional.



Orders will be mailed out as soon as possible, but please allow a few days for delivery. Post & packing £1.50.



If your disk won't play, please contact us and let us know. We will supply a replacement or refund your money.




* The video quality is noticeably better than you will see in the YouTube extracts shown on the home page, such as The call.


Carol Singing in April heading

This is the page for placing online orders for video DVDs and audio CDs of Carol Singing in April.

All proceeds will go to the charities mentioned on the home page.

Payment is via PayPal only, but you don't need to have a PayPal account; you can simply use your credit card during checkout. Prices include VAT at 20%, though this is not separated out on the PayPal web site.

Please note that orders placed on this web site can only be shipped to UK addresses. If you are in another country, please email us to tell us your requirements, and we will let you know if we can help.


Carol Singing in April DVDCarol Singing in April  DVD

Video DVD

Price £10 inc VAT @ 20%



Carol Singing in April DVDCarol Singing in April  CD

Audio CD

Price £6 inc VAT @ 20%



Carol Singing in April DVDCarol Singing in April  DVD + CD

Video DVD plus audio CD (two disks)

Price £14 inc VAT @ 20%





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